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In development on a line-up of psychological, horror films.

“You can check it out, but you can’t leave!”

Circa 1971, four adventurous teens discover a hidden cave in the treacherous Guadalupe Mountains concealing a sinister secret that unleashes an unspeakable nightmare with dire consequences.

GENRE: Psychological Horror


“Forget what you know about her…”

A film that will spark the question…What if Marilyn Monroe was really a special agent for our government and her cover, the Hollywood Starlet. A film to empower young women by a woman who still inspires the entire world, even after her death.

GENRE: Action | Horror | Thriller with a bio pic edge. 

“He’ll be watching you, he wants your soul!”

For Detective Danny Murphy, the details of how known devil worshipping and serial killer, THE WAX MAN, handles his victims is haunting.

Comparable Films: Nightmare on Elm Street and Terrifier 2 meets Halloween.

GENRE: Horror | Suspense | Thriller

Frustrated lovers duel to outwit each other face life-or-death consequences triggered by suppressed fantasies and unexpressed desires.

Due to audience demand, this award winning short is in feature film screenplay development.

GENRE: Horror | Dark Comedy

After a brutal beating, a sheltered teenage girl defies her fanatical mother’s extremist religion and runs away in pursuit of freedom, only to battle foreign adversities in the “evil” world of modern society.

Good Girl is a religious horror story of familia love, betrayal, trust, fear, and the courage to fight for freedom.

GENRE: Psychological Horror

Stuck in a debilitating grieving pattern, Sanvean’s mother holds on to an unforgivable event until reaching her breaking point.

An award-winning film directed by our Executive Vice-President, Elizabeth Yoder.

GENRE: Drama

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